Fastest Lawn Mower You’ll See Today!

This sure would make mowing lawns a little more interesting.

Some people enjoy mowing lawns more than others, but we can tell you right now if we had the John Deere that’s in this video, we'd be mowing the grass on a daily basis. As you can see, this drag radial equipped mower is no joke. Most people simply use a walk behind, but this guy has a full-blown racing mower. It’s easy to see it’s not the most practical John Deere out there because it probably tears up more grass than anything else, but at least the driver rips through the grass at unbelievable speeds.

We can't say that we would hesitate to ride this thing. Maybe one day we will all be riding race lawn mowers like this awesome John Deere owned by a poor man's Woody Harrelson.

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