Fate Of The Furious Has Been Pirated More Than 2.1 Million Times

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And that's just in one week.

Fate of the Furious is currently killing it at the box office, but as Variety reports, it's also doing pretty well on piracy networks. In the following seven days after the eighth installment of the Furious franchise hit the big screen, it has illegally been shared online 2.1 million times worldwide. Think that's a lot? It is, but not nearly as much as its Furious 7 predecessor two years ago over a comparable seven-day period, which was pirated by 4.74 million users. Here's another comparison: Jurassic World had 3.1 million illegal shares in its first seven days.

But in the two days following Fate's April 14th release, "piracy activity spiked to 489,400 daily file sharers on April 16." In the following days, there was an average of 420,000 daily shares. But Furious 7 still dominates its successor in that realm as well. Only one day after it was released in theaters, 939,000 file sharers did their thing. Over the course of its first week in cinemas, Furious 7 averaged 1.05 million daily shares. Variety also claims the source of these pirated copies are from India. But don't assume these bootleg versions are any good. They're not. They're nothing more than camcorder copies. Apparently sneaking camcorders into Indian movie theaters isn't hard.

Despite this illegal downloading, we doubt the studio is really all that upset. Remember, Fate of the Furious previously set an industry record with its global box office take of $532.5 million in its opening weekend alone. By last Wednesday, April 26, it had grossed $965.6 million globally. At this point, Fate of the Furious can officially be declared to be a massive success, hence plans for an upcoming spin-off starring The Rock and Jason Statham. And, of course, Furious 9 and 10 will also happen.

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