FCA Has High Hopes For The Jeep Compass To Set Sales Records


"It has every opportunity to be the biggest-selling Jeep ever."

When we got our first look at the Jeep Compass, we knew that we were looking at something special. The new Compass may just look like another SUV, albeit a pretty nice looking one, but the potential for this model is huge. In fact, Jeep CEO Mike Manley told Automotive News that the Compass will outsell the already popular Renegade and that "it has every opportunity to be the biggest-selling Jeep ever." This could be the model that Jeep has needed in Europe for a very long time.


In Europe, the Compass would compete against models such as the Volkswagen Tiguan, Nissan Qashqai and Hyundai Tucson. This segment grew by 20 percent to over 722,300 units in the first half of this year, and Manley thinks this growth will continue. Manley says that "It's the biggest SUV segment in Europe and we don't really play there at all." Jeep has done well in the sub-compact SUV market with the Renegade, which ranked as the number eight seller in its segment with 40,447 units sold. The Renegade is actually built in Italy, which may help it cater to European buyers. The Compass will be the company's "most global vehicle" because it will be built in four factories around the world.

Most of the European Compass models will be built in Toluca, Mexico, but right-hand-drive models will be built in Rajangaon, India. Compass models will also be built in Pernambuco, Brazil and Guangzhou, China. Manley said that the Compass will go on sale "before September," but declined to be more specific. The Compass shares a platform with the Renegade, but Manley says the Compass will have a "sportier feel," with less body roll. We expect this SUV to be extremely popular, and obviously Jeep agrees.


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