FCA Hires Chuck Norris As Brand Ambassador

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Chuck Norris doesn't promote automakers, automakers promote Chuck Norris.

It's a well-known fact that when Chuck Norris was born, he drove his mom home from the hospital. If you asked him what car he used when doing that, chances are he'd tell you it was something rugged. Fiat Professional, the FCA subsidiary that builds commercial vehicles and has just hired Mr. Norris as its newest brand ambassador for a string of advertisements set to air in June, hoping to capture some of that ruggedness. Cue the "indestructible and ready for the job" comparisons.

Unfortunately for those of us living outside of the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa), these advertisements will not be aired on our TV sets, but at least YouTube is around in case any hilarious standouts make the must-see list. Fiat Professional simply does not participate in the US market and its relative, Fiat Automobiles, is better known in America for its cutesy, ugly, and unreliable cars like the 500 rather than for ironclad toughness and a rugged persona. Will Norris change all of that? That's up for us to see, but then again this is a man that can kill two stones with one bird. Rugged doesn't describe Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris describes rugged, and that's an image Fiat Professional desperately wants.

"These characteristics, portrayed with such emphasis, make Chuck Norris a genuine incarnation of the Fiat Professional brand values: determination, reliability, dynamism, competence and closeness to the customer," said the Fiat Professional press release. "Luckily, you don't have to be Chuck Norris or share his superhuman qualities to excel at what you do: simply trust in the Fiat Professional full line, developed to satisfy customers' real needs with a wide offer and in expansion." It's doubtful that one man alone will be able to drastically change the image of Fiat Professional, or American's perception of Fiat Automobiles for that matter, but we'll stop ourselves before Chuck Norris reads this and…hold on, someone is knocking at the door.

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