FCA's Latest Recall Is Worst Than Getting A Lump Of Coal For Christmas

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Half a million SUVs are being recalled for fire issues.

Fiat Chrysler SUV owners' holidays will be coming to an abrupt halt thanks to the automaker's latest recall, which involves 570,000 Jeep and Dodge models. The 2011 and 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee model years need new vanity mirror wiring, while Dodge Durangos built before September 12, 2012 are also affected. Astute readers will note that FCA recalled roughly 900,000 vehicles last year to repair the issue, then had to overcome more issues earlier this year when fires continued in repaired vehicles.

A total of 352,931 units are located in the US, 26,478 in Canada, 13,037 in Mexico and 84,330 internationally. FCA states that the new recall seeks to resolve the issue-duh-and claims that post-recall fires occurred in a handful of models equipped with a unique wiring package. No deaths or injuries have been reported and FCA states that it will inform customers when they can schedule a service to get their vehicles serviced. The second recall includes 60,107 units of the Jeep Compass and Patriot from the 2015 model year in the US, 5,755 in Canada, 3,351 in Mexico and 23,995 in other markets.

These models are prone to suffering from an out-of-position clamp on the power steering fluid line, which could allow fluid to leak and increase the risk of a fire. Again, FCA claims that no injuries or accidents have occurred and will advise customers when they can get their vehicles serviced.

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