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FCA To Move Ram Production From Mexico To Michigan, Pay Workers $2k Bonus

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The company explicitly cited the US tax reform bill as the reason for the decision.

FCA explicitly stated that the recent sweeping tax reform passed by the US government is responsible for a decision to invest $1 billion in its Warren, Michigan plant to retool the line for Ram Heavy Duty production as well as to give a $2,000 bonus check to 60,000 of its hourly and salaried employees in addition to performance bonuses it's already doling out. Back to the former though because that $1 billion investment comes with a pretty sweet deal for previously disenfranchised Michigan auto workers.

With the announcement, Ram confirmed that it's moving Ram Heavy Duty production from Mexico to Michigan by 2020, a move that will add 2,500 jobs. This grows overall investment in US manufacturing to $10 billion since 2009, with other billions going being sprinkled around to Jeep and Ram assembly lines across the US. For the 99-percenters unhappy about the prospect of that $2,000 bonus going to the top, fear not because senior management, likely those making six-figure salaries already, will not be invited to split this pool of loot. President Trump was quick to praise the move on Twitter, staying the move marks "more great news as a result of historical Tax Cuts and Reform."

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FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne also solidified his commitment to US manufacturing, saying, "These announcements reflect our ongoing commitment to our U.S. manufacturing footprint and the dedicated employees who have contributed to FCA's success.It is only proper that our employees share in the savings generated by tax reform and that we openly acknowledge the resulting improvement in the U.S. business environment by investing in our industrial footprint accordingly." If you're one of the 60,000 FCA employees in line to receive the $2,000 bonus, expect that to come in the second quarter of this year. That should warm these cold winter months for Michiganders this year.