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FCA Trying To Stop Indian Company From Selling Jeep Wrangler Look-A-Like

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Chinese companies aren't the only ones who copy car design.

If you live in the United States, we don't blame you if you have never heard of Indian automaker Mahindra. The company specializes in small, off-road focused SUVs, but doesn't sell road-legal cars in the US. Though you can't buy any Mahindra passenger vehicles in North America, the company does sell an off-road toy called the Roxor, which should look very familiar to any Jeep Wrangler owner and/or fan. The Roxor is so similar to the Wrangler, in fact, Bloomberg reports FCA is now suing Mahindra over the design.

In the advertisement for the Ruxor, Mahindra even claims that it was inspired by "the iconic military vehicle that took on the world" without specifically mentioning the Willys Jeep. FCA has filed a complaint at the US International Trade Commission because the Ruxor infringes on the "boxy body shape with flat-appearing vertical sides and rear body ending at about the same height as the hood." Clearly, FCA has a point that the Mahindra looks nearly identical to the Jeep, seeing as it was modeled after the original.

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Honestly, we don't think FCA has any ground to stand on here. Although the Mahindra looks like a blatant Jeep rip-off, the company has had the rights to the design since 1947. The Ruxor isn't even a road-legal vehicle and can only be driven up to 45 mph off-road, so it doesn't even compete against a new Wrangler (or old Wrangler). Sorry FCA, but we think you are going to lose this one.