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Feast Your Eyes On The Near-Final Production Aston Martin Valkyrie


The Aston Martin Valkyrie now has headlights.

The Aston Martin Valkyrie is attracting a lot of attention, and for good reason. Built in collaboration with Red Bull Racing, it’s the very definition of a race car for the road. First revealed last year when it was then known as the AM-RB 001, the groundbreaking hypercar has only been shown as a concept model so far. That soon changed last month however, as numerous guests at a private event coinciding with the Monaco Grand Prix were invited to marvel at a near-final production version of the Valkyrie.

One guest at the event was tennis star Serena Williams, seen posing next to the Valkyrie in a photo tweeted by Aston Martin. While it still isn’t quite ready for production, this model is a more accurate representation of what the final car will look like. Notably, the headlights have finally been fitted along with a working windshield wiper. Some of the panels have also changed since the concept debuted, such as the front fenders which now contain aero elements showing the suspension. The headlights look a tad conventional in contrast to the Valkyrie’s outlandish design, though, but they may change as an Aston Martin representative told Autocar that the model being showcased is 90 percent complete.

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Powering the Valkyrie is a mid-mounted 6.5-liter V12 developed by Cosworth mated to a seven-speed paddle-shift transmission designed and manufactured by Ricardo. Combined with a hybrid system, the power output is expected to be somewhere in the 1,000-hp region since the Valkyrie only weighs 1,000 kg and has a near 1:1 power ratio. Only 175 examples are being produced, with deliveries expected to start in 2019 when it will compete with the Mercedes-AMG Project One.