Ferdinand Porsche's Grandson Teases New 540-HP Porsche GTL Coupe

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Feuerbach Designworks will pay homage to the Porsche family with its first model.

For particularly affluent Porsche collectors, buying a "normal" Porsche 911 Carrera or snapping up a carefully preserved classic at auction isn't always enough. That's where companies like Singer Vehicle Design fit in, able to produce entirely unique and exceptionally high quality versions of the classic sports car. Bespoke sports car brand Feuerbach Designworks want a slice of this lucrative market, too, and with a tag line like "for the few, not for the many", the company knows exactly who it is targeting. Founded in 2019, Feuerbach has shared the first bit of information about its launch model, the Feuerbach Porsche GTL Coupe.

Feuerbach Designworks
Feuerbach Designworks

Before we get to the GTL, it's worth looking at Feuerbach's back story. It was founded three years ago by Christopher Reitz, former Chief Designer for Nissan Europe and Fiat. He also served as the Design Director for Alfa Romeo and Maserati. Perhaps more than this, he is the grandson of Ferdinand 'Ferry' Porsche, so his connection to the Porsche brand is clear; in fact, Feuerbach is also the name of the street in Stuttgart, Germany, where the Porsche family home and the start of the business was stationed.

All of Feuerbach's co-directors are automotive market specialists and the strategy is to produce several "ultra-performance, hand-built, ultra-low volume sporting road supercars" that pay homage to the Porsche family.

Feuerbach Designworks

The GTL Coupe will have unique design cues but is clearly derived from a 911, although these early teaser images show that substantial visual changes were made. It seems to have more aggressively defined and broader rear fenders along with advanced aerodynamic modifications like a scoop on the hood. The headlight cutouts also differ from a regular 911.

Inside, it appears that Feuerbach has focused on saving weight. The inner door panels are finished in carbon fiber, as is the gear lever housing. It looks like Alcantara has been used for the lower dashboard and steering wheel, while the classic Porsche gauges have been retained. There is no visible touchscreen and the manual gear selector is distinctly old-school.

The company says that customization potential will be high, with custom embroidered monogrammed seats available in various colors, textures, and materials at the discretion of the owner. The car can even be stripped-out with an integral roll cage and competition seating for track use.

Feuerbach Designworks

The hand-built 4.3-liter naturally-aspirated flat-six engine is based on the powertrain of the 911 GT3. It will make at least 540 horsepower but there is an option to increase power and torque. Turbocharged variants will be available, as will paddle-shift automatics in place of the manual. Feuerbach says that around 90% of the mechanical components are shared from Porsche and Porsche Motorsport.

The Porsche chassis platform is concealed beneath a carbon fiber body that was developed by Reitz and his team in Barcelona. That should also help give the GTL an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

Feuerbach makes no secret of the fact that it is targeting high net worth individuals with $1 million or more investable assets, so the GTL's price of $550,000 should come as no surprise. That's before any of the countless options and local taxes are added on. Only 25 examples of the Feuerbach Porsche GTL Coupe will be produced and we look forward to seeing the finished product soon.

Feuerbach Designworks
Feuerbach Designworks

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