Ferrari 250 GT Gets An Extra 20 Horsepower From Oil Change

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The latest oils can do wonders for your engine, even if you don't own a priceless 250 GT

The Ferrari 250 GT is not your average car, aside from the astronomical prices that some examples command they are also exquisitely engineered vehicles. In standard form a 250 GT's 3.0-liter V12 revs to 7,400 rpm and produces up to 285 horsepower and 203 lb-ft of torque. Impressive numbers for an engine designed over six decades ago, and thanks to the lightweight bodyshell enough for a sub-5-second 0-60mph time and 160 mph+ top end capabilities. It is no wonder that Millers Oils chose one of these models to showcase its latest NANODRIVE oil technology.

Once Millers Oils had changed the car's oil to their high performance CFS 10w60 NT+ product, the 250 GT registered an increase in power and torque of 7%. That means peak figures jumped to 305 hp and 217 lb-ft. These impressive results were averaged from three consecutive independent tests by Swiss firm Edi Wys Engineering. The company's technical director, Martyn Mann, says that the power gains achieved with their NANODRIVE oil are a result of unlocking efficiency that is normally lost to friction. This also helps to slow down component wear, meaning race teams or privateers can go longer between scheduled rebuilds.

That's great news for wealthy 250 GT owners, but your modern performance car should also derive a benefit from these high-tech oils. Developed in-house, the NANODRIVE technology used reduces friction which in turn lowers heat levels in the engine. Mann continued to say that the traditional method of reducing friction is to use thinner oils which reduce viscosity, but this compromises durability and increases wear. The NANODRIVE oil should benefit modern turbocharged engines too which generate high levels of heat, keeping temperatures in check is essential for optimum performance.

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