Ferrari 250 GTO Sells For World Record $70 Million


You're looking at the most expensive Ferrari 250 GTO in history.

The highly desirable Ferrari 250 GTO is famous for being the most expensive car to ever sell at auction. Back in 2014, a fetching 1962 example sold for an eye-watering $38 million. However, a very special Ferrari 250 GTO has now sold for more than double that. According to a thread on the Ferrari Chat forum, a Ferrari 250 GTO, chassis number 4153 GT, was recently purchased for $70 million in a private deal, making it the most expensive example to ever be sold.

Leading Ferrari historian, Marcel Massini, confirmed the sale, claiming he expects a model to sell for $100 million within five years. Finished in silver with French tricolore stripes adorning the front, this particular Ferrari 250 GTO has an incredible racing heritage. It first raced at Le Mans in 1963 by its owner Pierre Dumay, where it finished second in class and fourth overall. It was subsequently sold to the Ecurie Francorchamps and the French livery was replaced by a Belgian racing yellow stripe before being brought back in 2015. The car's crowning achievement came in 1964 when it won the gruelling 10-day Tour de France race at the hands of Lucien Bianchi and Georges Berger.

It's competed in just about every form of motorsport, including the Angolan Grand Prix in 1964, and numerous endurance racing, hill-climbing and rallying events in 1965 by Belgian team Ecurie Francorchamps. More recently, 4153 GT made an appearance at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed, where we were able to marvel at its beauty up close on the Cartier Lawn. It's had numerous owners from France, Spain and Germany, including Gerard Delgado who raced it in Spain with his friend Eugenio Baturone in 1966-69.

The car's last owner acquired it back in 2003, and the 4153 GT has now been sold to renowned US Ferrari collector and WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil for a record $70 million. MacNeil is renowned in the car-collecting world for his extensive collection of classic and contemporary Ferriaris, including a 250 SWB that won best in class at Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este this week. MacNeil loves to publicly display his collection and will likely enter 4153 GT in track events, rallies, and vintage races, so at least we know the most valuable Ferrari 250 GTO in the world probably won't be stored away gathering dust.

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