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Ferrari 275 GTBs at the Spa Classic

Classic car race at Belgium’s Spa-Francorchamps included not one, but five Ferrari 275 GTBs.

The Trofeo Nastro Rosso gives pre-1966 Italian sports cars and GTs the chance to compete and onlookers the opportunity to admire some of the finest examples of Italian craftsmanship in the metal. Last weekend, it was the Spa Classic round of the Trofeo, where some exceptional cars took to the legendary Spa Francrochamps circuit including a host of Ferrari 275 GTBs. Superlennyo was on hand to capture all five of these beautiful 3.3-liter V12-powered million-dollar classics, made up of a 275 GTB, two GTB 2s, a GTB 4, and a GTB/C.

Check out the video and enjoy the sound of these awesome cars that were built to be driven but that are too often hidden away by a privileged few.

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