Ferrari 275s Projected to Top a Million

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Forget the 250 series, the Ferrari 275 GTB is destined to become the new big deal in classic Prancing Horses.

It may be the 250 models like the Testa Rossa and GTO that gain the most attention of all classic Ferraris, but collectors are paying increasing attention to the 275 that followed. Some say it's the most beautiful shape ever penned by Pininfarina, shaped by Scaglietti or produced by Ferrari, others say its cartoonishly phallic, but there's no disputing the prices they regularly fetch at auction. Now RM Auctions has got two on the docket, with one silver example tipped to fetch $1.2-1.6 million and the other in blue at $1.4-1.75m.

First introduced at the 1964 Paris Auto Show, the 275 GTB wasn't just a pretty face - it also introduced a number of new technologies for Ferrari, including its first four-wheel independent suspension, five-speed transaxle and, from 1966, its first dual-overhead cam engine. The silver exampled, photographed by Pawel Litwinski, packs a 280-horsepower version of the Colombo-designed 3.3-liter V12. Chassis 08697 was delivered new in 1965 in Italy, and was subsequently sold it in 1976 to Maryland. It has remained in the United States since, undergoing a full $400,000 restoration in 2000 and winning Platinum at the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic in 2007.

The dark blue over light blue example, photographed by Corey Silvia, is a later example built in 1967, and features the more powerful 300-horsepower DOHC engine - the last version of the Colombo engine before it was retired. Chassis 10195 was delivered new to France, but just a couple of years ago was acquired by a Ferrari collector on the East Coast of the United States, who identified mismatched numbers on the chassis and engine, had Ferrari authenticate it and subsequently had it refurbished and certified by Ferrari Classiche. The process took 13 months to complete, but the result is a stunning example of the breed.

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