Ferrari 360 Modena Burns to a Crisp on Christmas Eve

Car’s owner must have really pissed off Santa this year.

Nothing like a bit of mechanical failure and an electric short circuit to ruin your Christmas. The owner of this 2001 Ferrari 360 Modena was cruising down a Hong Kong highway on Xmas Eve when the supercar’s rear end exploded. After immediately stopping, there was another explosion with the ensuing fire spreading to the cabin. The driver was out of harm’s way by then, and fire fighters were swift to extinguish the blaze without anyone getting injured.

According to Hong Kong’s Apple Daily, the Ferrari had been serviced just three months prior to the incident. A repair shop had replaced certain electrical components. Yet, it appears the accident could have been avoided, as the driver noticed gas fumes when refueling the 360 moments before it caught fire but decided to ignore the obvious problem. He won’t be making that mistake again. #lessonlearned

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