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Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione Breaks Cover

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Faster lap times guaranteed.

After a solitary teaser image, Ferrari has expended the least possible effort in unveiling the Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione. A new race car for the 2014 season of the Ferrari Challenge will give gentleman drivers improved performance in terms of both lap times and over long distances compared to the current 458 Challenge thanks to some key modifications. Chief amongst these is the rear wing that generates increased downforce and is balanced by an upgraded splitter and undertray.

Ferrari's experience gained in GT racing has enabled them to create a wing that extends the limits of the car, so higher top speeds and quicker cornering. With no mention of powerplant improvements, we can assume the 458 Challenge Evoluzione will come motivated by the same 562-hp 4.5-liter V8 in the current road-going 458 and Challenge variant. The race car will go on sale soon, and all teams will have to use the Evoluzione in the upcoming season or upgrade the current 458 Challenge to the new spec.

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