Ferrari 458 Destroyed at Suzuka

It may seem hard to believe, but the driver of this Ferrari 458 Challenge managed to survive this horrific crash.

A crash like this is not something one would think to be survivable. Miraculously, not only did the driver of this Ferrari 458 taking part in the Challenge race at Japan's Suzuka circuit survice, but so did the guy standing directly in the car’s path. The car, obviously, was completely obliterated. We don’t know what exact speed the driver, Shigeru Terajima, was going when the accident occurred, but it’s clear from the video he was going quite fast. Terajima is reportedly in serious condition but is expected to recover.

The circuit volunteer, who’s also recuperating at the same hospital, was not seriously injured. GT Spirit reports that as a result of the accident, race organizers opted to end the event early.

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