Ferrari 458 GT2 Has A Nasty Wipe Out During Goodwood FOS Hill Climb

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Probably the most humiliating place this fail can take place.

Murphy's law is a funny thing, an excuse wielded when things actually do end up going wrong and consolation is needed or a good way to prepare for when the clumsiness that's inherent in our world decides to strike. After all, the saying goes, "hope for the best but plan for the worst," right? One area Murphy's law has a good chance of striking is at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Hundreds of supercars make the hill climb and at some point, the chance of a crash becomes so high it's inevitable.

Last year a Jaguar F-Pace proved that when it tried to make the hill climb on two wheels as a sort of publicity stunt only to have it all end in a paint-scathing crash. And then there was the noticeably botched donut attempt this year by a Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

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It was a facepalm-worthy moment given that the run was the highly anticipated supercar's debut lap. At least it didn't fail as badly as this Ferrari 458 GT2 did. While approaching the Molecomb corner, the Ferrari was carrying enough speed that even the announcers made note of it. Despite its impressive cornering abilities, the Ferrari was simply going too fast to take the corner safely. Physics does its work on the rear end, causing it to swing wide and slam into the hay bales put in place in case this exact event took place. Noticeable damage can be seen on the rear passenger's side fender, though thankfully it seems repairable. What might not recover is driver Heinz Swoboda's ego.

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