Ferrari 458 Italia Burns in Brazil

WARNING: These pictures may disturb you. There have been several incidents in recent months where Ferrari 458 Italia owners suddenly found themselves nearly engulfed in flames. Due to an adhesive used in the right rear wheel-arch that's prone to overheating, melting, then catching on fire, Ferrari issued a recall for all 458s sold since last September. A total of 1,248 units were recalled and Ferrari replaced the adhesive with mechanical fasteners.

However, some owners may not have been able to get their 458s serviced in time. Such a case may have happened to another unfortunate owner in Brazil. Two months after Ferrari issued the recall, this one caught fire in exactly the same location where it happened in other 458s. The car was quickly consumed by flames and, well, you get the idea. What hasn't been confirmed, however, is whether this particular 458 had been repaired since the recall. If the owner did indeed bring his car in for service to have the adhesive issue dealt with, then Ferrari may have another serious problem on its hands.

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