Ferrari 458 Italia Flips Spectacularly at Laguna Seca’s Infamous Corkscrew

Try and mess with the corkscrew and this is what happens.

There's a good reason why most cameras are directed towards the notorious corkscrew at the Laguna Seca raceway. It's to catch moments like this.

Most of the time drivers manage to successfully take on the corkscrew; Ryan Ockey showed us how not to do it. During the Ferrari Challenge at Mazda Raceway he approached the notorious corner way too fast while at the same time the supercar's brakes allegedly failed. The result was a couple of flips in the air before landing on its roof.

Thanks to the car's and track's safety equipment, the driver walked away unscathed. The 458 Italia on the other hand had to face the indignity of being dragged down the pea gravel hill by a tow truck while still upturned on its roof. Head to the 4.30 mark on the second video to feel the pain.

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