Ferrari 458 Italia Tribute Wrap for Barcelona Football Club

Someone in Dubai loves his ‘football’ club just a little too much, hence the 458 Edition Barca.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is one sleek and mean Italian supercar. Spotted in Dubai, a man whose passion for soccer and fast cars has come to a head, leading to the '458 Edition Barca,' a 458 wrapped in tribute to his favorite soccer team. FC Barcelona is known to even the most causal of sports fan, winning pretty much every major soccer world championship over the last few years. The hood of the Catalan club-inspired car features star players Lionel Messi and Xavi Hernandez on either side of the Barcelona crest.

The entire team photo adorns both sides of the Italian supercar. The Ferrari 458 Italia Edition Barca puts out 570hp and seems to be a fitting tribute to 'mes que un club.' At least it is better than Audi A1 Barcelona Tribute Edition.

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