Ferrari 458 Speciale Breaks Cover

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Ferrari fans have been waiting for this day ever since the debut of the 458 Italia.

The formula applied by Ferrari to turn one of its V8-powered models into a specialized, track-focused machine is one that's pretty familiar by now, but still always exciting to see. The new 458 Speciale is lighter, has more power and has had its suspension and aerodynamics tweaked. But of course, this is oversimplifying things. The bump to 597 horsepower means that the engine's 133 horsepower per liter is the highest of any naturally aspirated road car ever.

A total of 90kg (198lbs) has been trimmed from the standard 458 Italia, and the 0-62 mph time is now 3 seconds flat. It can lap the Ferrari test track in 1:23.5, which is 1.5 seconds faster than the standard car, and just half a second behind the tied time for the 599 GTO and F12 Berlinetta. But perhaps most impressive is its lateral acceleration figure of 1.33g, a staggering number which is higher than any other Ferrari road car. The tailpipes have been moved from the center out a bit, integrated into the new active aerodynamic equipment which Ferrari has piled onto this new machine.

As you would expect, much of this aerodynamic equipment, of which the 458 Speciale has more than any other road Ferrari, as well as the numerous electronic driver's aides, comes from Formula 1. This technology will eventually make it onto other Ferrari models as well, but that much is fairly obvious. The car hasn't had its official debut yet, as that will be happening in Frankfurt next month, so we don't have any word on things like price yet. We're expecting it to be at least $300,000, really pretty average for a high-end track day car.


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