Ferrari 458 Speciale Spider Set to Debut in Paris

2014 Paris Motor Show / Comments

Get ready for some serious open-top fun.

So far only an exclusive crowd has been shown the Ferrari 458 Speciale Spider, but according to a Ferrari insider, we'll all be allowed to marvel at the new car at the Paris Motor Show next month. Confirming earlier reports, the insider told 4WheelNews that the Prancing Horse di Montezemolo said would be unveiled in the French capital is going to be the droptop Speciale that will combine the hardtop from the Spider with the 600-hp powerplant and track-focused toys from the Speciale.

The yet-to-be-named hardcore drop-top 458 was originally said to be limited to just 458 units worldwide. However, with Sergio Marchionne ditching Ferrari's current 7,000 units-per-year policy, don't be surprised if more of these hi-po convertibles hit the road. The source also revealed the special Ferrari will come with new wheels, seats, and stripes, but will lose the coupe's transparent engine cover to make room for the folding top.

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