Ferrari 458 Spider by Different Car

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Custom body kit transforms this drop-top supercar into a racecar for the road.

Arguably one of the sexiest cars on the road, it takes a man with discerning taste to invest in improving the looks of a Ferrari 458 Spider. And for that man UAE-based tuning house Different Car offers a body kit made up of understated add-ons that subtly enhance the lines penned by Pininfarina. Dubbed the F66, the custom body kit transforms the 458 into a LMP race car for the road while sporting a squarer front end seemingly inspired by a Lamborghini Gallardo.

It also boasts chiseled headlights, brand new carbon-fiber intakes and mirror housings, and new side skirts. At the rear, there's an oversized wing, and restyled bumper and diffuser that look like they're more about style than substance. No performance details have been mentioned, but it appears the body kit will also fit a 458 Italia coupe if drivers out there are interested in taking their supercar to the next level.

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