Ferrari 458 Spider is Dino’s Greatest Legacy

The 458 marks the end of naturally-aspirated Ferrari V8s.

We know the 458’s successor is going to come with a turbocharged powerplant. So does that mean the 458 will be Ferrari’s last naturally-aspirated mid-engine V8? Quite possibly, and to mark this potential milestone, XCar has provided this smart production that looks at how the car can be traced all the way back to Enzo’s son Dino, who pioneered the mid-engined Ferrari. The original Dinos came powered by a V6, with the V8 first employed in the 308 GT4 that debuted back in 1973.

From then on, mid-engined V8 Prancing Horses have been a mainstay of the Ferrari stable, and while this will continue, from hereon in, turbochargers will have a part to play.

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