Ferrari 488 GTB Tries To Show Off After Track Day And Almost Wrecks

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Trying to make your car look cool for the cameras is always a bad idea.

The Internet loves to pick on Ford Mustang owners who get a little too excited when leaving car meets. We love to pick on them as well. Can you blame us? It's all in good fun, we promise. The thing is, it's not just Mustang owners who get a little too throttle happy when the cameras are rolling. Supercar owners are no strangers to making an ass of themselves upon exciting automotive events. Take this recent video from a charity track day at Goodwood in which a Ferrari 488 GTB almost takes out an innocent Ford Mondeo.

In the defense of Mustang drivers everywhere, the bad apples of the bunch normally lose it in front of a ton of people. This guy had only one or two videographers to impress and still lost his cool.

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Some of the commenters on the video are blaming cold tires, while others say the road condition is partially to blame as well. Whether or not those two factors played a part in this near-miss is beside the point. Just once can't someone in a high-powered car make a dignified exit from a track day or a cars & coffee?! Or, if we have to meet half way, why not a rev or two to get people excited? That way you look cool on film and don't need to worry about wrecking your ride in second gear.

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