Ferrari 488 Pista Spider Drops Its Top In Paris

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Ferrari's most powerful production Spider ever debuts in Europe.

The Ferrari 488 GTB has barely been in production for three years but we've already been treated to four unique road-going variants that push the boundaries of what defines a modern supercar. The original Spider was released at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015 and few would have thought that its 670 horsepower power output and class-leading dynamics needed improving but Ferrari had other ideas.

Initially shown at the exclusive Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance this year, the 720-hp 488 Pista Spider took the drop-top performance segment to the next level and it has now had its European reveal at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.

The Pista Spider is far more than just a standard 488 Spider with a power hike, it has benefited from the extensive development work that went into the 488 Pista coupe. The award-winning engine has gained 50 hp over the Spider and has been profiled to deliver a sustained slug of acceleration right to the 8,000 rpm red line.

Numerous detail changes such as larger intercoolers, cleaner air flow into the engine, turbos with integrated rev sensors and quicker responses thanks to an optimized boost control strategy all contribute to the most powerful production V8 Ferrari has ever put into serial production.

The cockpit has also been enhanced by two new carbon-fiber instrument clusters, the glove compartment has been removed and the look and feel of the interior is one of a pared-down racing machine.

Those aggressive creases and lines are not just for show either, employing lessons learned from the the race-spec 488 GTE. As well as developing advanced aerodynamic solutions based on the 488 Spider, the Pista offers significantly improved downforce with only a marginal increase in drag.

One of the first visual changes you notice are the intakes that have moved from the flanks to the rear spoiler, this shortens the inlet duct and benefits engine performance. Thanks to a completely redesigned front end, diffusers as used on the 488 Challenge have now been incorporated into the design. Numerous detail improvements to the transmission, braking system and electronic control units all add up to the most intense and capable production Spider ever from Maranello.

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