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Ferrari 488 Thieves Couldn't Figure Out Automatic Transmission

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Embarrassing barely describes this.

Typically the situation goes like this: a car thief or thieves break into an expensive car only to soon realize there's a manual transmission. Luckily for the owner, these criminals don't know how to drive stick and thus quickly abandon their plan. According to The Daily Mail, the opposite has just occurred involving a Ferrari 488 GTB, which is automatic only. Yes, the pair of thieves could not figure out the supercar's automatic gearbox. You can't fix stupid.

It all went down on the evening of February 19 in West Midlands, England. The masked thieves smashed their way into the owner's home and began swiping designer suitcases, handbags, watches, and jewelry. As they began putting their loot into the trunk of a stolen Audi, they discovered the keys to the gray Ferrari in one of the stolen bags.

Surveillance footage shows the two getting in the Ferrari and managing to put it into reverse as they started their getaway. And then their trouble began. They couldn't figure out how to put the F1-dervied seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox into drive. Instead, they abandoned the Ferrari on the road. Its owner, who was not home at the time, found out what was going on when a neighbor called. Toni-Leigh Evans says her husband received the call when they were visiting her grandmother.

"A neighbor rang my husband and said 'don't panic,' but your Ferrari is on the opposite side of the road and the front glass is smashed in by your front door. They found the keys in the bag and came back and reversed the car off the drive but then the silly t**s couldn't figure out how to get it in drive."

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Unfortunately, Evans confirmed the jewelry, handbags, suitcases were all stolen in the end. However, despite having watched the CCTV footage showing the crime taking place, forensics "found some blood and said they will let us know if they find anything."

Chances are at least one of the burglars cut himself on some broken glass when climbing into the house, but we all know that's not his biggest failure of the night.