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Ferrari 512 BBi Drives the Way it Looks

The owner of this Ferrari 512 BBi is an architect who values the beauty of design simplicity and minimalism.

For architect Holger Schubert, design simplicity is key when it comes to his work and taste in cars. More specifically, he’s the owner of a Ferrari 512 BBi, a car that he describes as being a work-of-art for a number of reasons. Its sleek yet minimalistic design is timeless. There are those wonderful pop-up headlights and it has a 12-cylinder boxer engine. What’s not to love? Schubert has even built something of a shrine for his car. Instead of a typical garage, the 512 sits in his studio which is connected to a 16-foot driveway bridge.

That’s just a really, really cool and a classy touch. If we too had the means to own a car like this, then parking it in a special garage sounds like a very fine idea.

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