Ferrari 599 GTB: A Historical Soul


Considered to be Ferrari's best all around road car ever, the 599 GTB utilizes an extensive use of aluminum in its frame, chassis, and body in order to save weight. Combined with a V12 engine taken from the famed Ferrari Enzo, the 599 GTB is not just a true racer inside, but a perfectly capable daily driver. Daily driver? Even a Chevrolet Cobalt is a capable (just barely) daily driver. So what makes the 599 GTB so special?

Well, for starters, it's a Ferrari. And second, it's a Ferrari whose soul was based on the acclaimed F40 supercar from the late 1980s. Anyone who remembers that car will immediately note its historical significance as one of the greatest Ferraris of all time (and the last one produced while Enzo Ferrari was still alive). There's just one thing standing in your way from trading in the Cobalt or that what-have-you piece of basic transportation: the price. At just $350,000, you may have to consider numerous alternative options.

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