Ferrari 812 Successor Codenamed F167 Looks Like A Larger Roma With V12 Power

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It looks like the F167 will be graceful and elegant.

Ferrari is always looking to do things better than before, and the Italian automaker has invested fortunes in progressive technology that makes its offerings faster, more capable, and in modern times, easier to drive. But one thing that the Prancing Horse has always tried to keep the same is that its customers can have a V12 engine.

Back in June, Ferrari revealed the 296 GTB with a hybridized V6 engine, and it heralds a change in the way things are done in Maranello. This V6 is more powerful than the V8-powered F8 Tributo, so will the V12 engine soon be making way for a smaller powerplant too? According to our spy photographers, the answer is 'not yet.'

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The car you see here is reportedly known internally by the codename F167 and is said to be the replacement for the Ferrari 812, for which orders closed back in February of this year. As you can see, this prototype looks very similar to the supremely elegant Roma, except it has a slightly different body with a longer hood and a wider body.

If you ask us, the decision to make the classy V12 grand tourer look as sleek and stylish as the Roma would be a great move, but it's unlikely that the 812 successor will be carrying these looks to production. Instead, we expect that some styling cues may be implemented but that Ferrari will do almost everything in its power to ensure nobody mistakes the V12 range-topper for its cheapest offering.

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Whatever it looks like, the good news is that the V12 will live on. We predict that the same sort of 6.5-liter V12 will be fitted to the new car, but likely with the addition of a mild-hybrid, 48-volt system. The rumored power figure is north of 800 horsepower, which should be a cinch since the 296 GTB's hybrid V6 produces 818 ponies. Expect more revealing spy shots to surface next year ahead of a reveal in 2024.

Will this be the last V12 from Maranello? We doubt it. High-end, limited-production V12 supercars like the one-off SP51 are part of Ferrari's DNA, and we expect that the automaker will do everything it can to keep this configuration alive for many years to come.

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