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Ferrari 812 Superfast Looks Neo-Classic In Stirling Moss-Inspired Matte Blue

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Resale Red, this V12 Ferrari is not.

Ferrari is said to be planning a number of derivatives based on the 812 Superfast. And they may or may not all come to pass. But in the meantime, this example serves to demonstrate just how far customers can take theirs through the factory's Tailor Made program.

Where most will probably leave the factory in "resale red," this one-of-a-kind example has been painted a rather more unusual dark blue tint, with white number circles and lattitudinal bonnet stripe. And to bring it up to date, it features a matte finish more keeping with the times in which it was created.

The livery is inspired directly by the 250 GT SWB Berlinetta which the legendary Sir Stirling Moss drove in the early 1960s, winning races at Silverstone, Goodwood, Brands Hatch, and Nassau in the Bahamas. And we have to say that it looks rather stunning on the 250's spiritual successor.

The car was delivered by the Ferrari showroom of H.R. Owen, a high-end dealership group with presence in London's swankiest neighborhoods, which runs its own Classiche-certified Ferrari Technical Center that's the largest in Europe and was named the Prancing Horse marque's dealer of the year in 2016.

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"Ferrari has such an incredible history, both on the road and on the track, so we applaud this customer's choice in evoking an iconic livery for his 812 Superfast," said H.R. Owen chief Ken Choo. "It's fitting that this design was first seen on a V12 berlinetta Ferrari in the early '60s and here – more than 55 years later – we see it on a car that can trace its V12 lineage right back to the 250 SWB and beyond."