Ferrari Aims To Restart Production Next Week

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The Italian carmaker has a new plan to get back on track.

Like nearly all automakers, Ferrari's factories in Modena and Maranello, Italy have been shuttered since last month. Also like its fellow automakers, Ferrari is anxious to restart production, though the threat of its employees contracting Covid-19 remains a serious concern. Still, there are plenty of orders for the Ferrari F8 Tributo and SF90 Stradale to fill.

Fortunately, Ferrari has put together a new plan, very appropriately called "Back on Track," that not only gets those factories up and running but also ensures the health of those employees and their families. Ferrari worked directly with virologists and other experts in order to create a safe and healthy working environment once its operations get back online. As of now, that start date is scheduled for next Tuesday, April 14. The plan itself is composed of various stages, the first of which is the reopening of the Modena and Maranello offices, which will be done in accordance with Italian health officials.

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Following this, Ferrari will launch voluntary employee screenings with blood tests to confirm whether or not they have the novel coronavirus. Ferrari hopes to get a general health status report for a large percentage of the company. Cohabiting family members of employees can also be screened, again on a voluntary basis. The final stage involves each employee being able to use an app to receive medical support in monitoring the virus's symptoms.

This app will also be used to help track the contacts of the employees as part of a larger health monitoring effort. Ferrari chairman John Elkann stressed in a letter to shareholders that the app respects privacy laws but is also an extremely valuable tool to monitor the emergence and new infections amongst company employees. Furthermore, Ferrari will share the results of this project with regional health authorities.

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Aside from ensuring physical health, Ferrari will provide psychological and other health services to its employees over the phone or directly at their homes. For example, any Ferrari employee who tests positive for Covid-19 will not only receive special free insurance coverage, they'll also be provided with the proper accommodation for self-isolation with medical and nursing assistance at home. All necessary medical equipment will be included.

While it's impossible to know when exactly the coronavirus threat will dissipate, Ferrari has taken multiple steps towards returning to a normal life.

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2018-2020 Ferrari 812 Superfast Front View Driving
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