Ferrari and Lamborghini Destroyed In High-Speed Crash

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That's what illegal drag racing at night gets you.

Pictures of a Ferrari 458 Spider and Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera have emerged from China, where the two supercars were involved in a high-speed crash in a Beijing tunnel. According to Car News China, the Italian exotics were left almost certain write-offs after an illegal drag race went sour. The single picture of the cars before the crash shows the Ferrari was leading the Lamborghini (and a Nissan GT-R). But the pictures of the aftermath aren't so pretty.

The 458 hit the tunnel wall and spun out. In an attempt to avoid hitting the Ferrari, the Lambo smashed into a barrier. Apparently the tunnel is a hotspot for nighttime drag races, as its nicely lit, empty and has a smooth asphalt surface. The Beijing cops will almost certainly be putting a stop to this sort of activity now.

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