Drag Race

Ferrari And McLaren Trying To Kill Each Other Never Gets Old

It’s like each company only exists to compete with the other.

Weekends are drastically different from the norm for gearheads with money. Instead of experimenting with what balance of booze and debauchery will get them in just the right amount of trouble to have fun while not becoming someone’s cellmate, they spend their time at the track experimenting with different combinations of horsepower and grip. In this case, you have two sworn rivals, Ferrari and McLaren, back at it again to see who is the better car.
The Ferrari F12’s 769 horsepower may trump the McLaren 650S’ devilish 666 horsepower, but the McLaren has a better power-to-weight ratio. Both cars are within 0.1 of a second from each other in terms of 0-60 mph times, so it’s down to each driver to defend their car’s title.

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