Ferrari Angers Worshipers At The Western Wall With Anniversary Parade


God wasn't happy either apparently.

Ferrari's 70th anniversary celebration is definitely a global thing, and sometimes the party gets out of hand for a few. Case in point: Israel, specifically the super holy Western Wall plaza. According to Ynet News, a 20-vehicle Ferrari convoy parked right in front of the entrance to the plaza last Friday in one of the very few parking lots in the area. In fact, the Ferraris made their way to the main plaza itself which, not surprisingly, didn't please worshipers, some of whom called the gathering a "disgrace," "sacrilege" and "shameful."

One worshiper said that "It's absolutely disgusting. This is hardly the place for cars to meet up. It's sad to see the level of denigration to a place so holy to Jews." So if it was so bad, then why did local authorities approve of the parking permit? Some are blaming preferential treatment for the wealthy. The domestic Ferrari importer, "Auto Italia" clarified that "The entire world is currently marking 70 years to the founding of Ferrari. Everything was done with prior coordination and the vehicles were parked in the plaza with prior approval. Nothing was done with the intention of harming the Wall's stature. We believe photos of the vehicles will do a great service to Israel's public relations in the world."

In contrast, a religious organization said that "We profess our immense wonder at the approval accorded a completely commercial enterprise, especially one involving cars that are the exact opposite of 'To walk humbly with thy God.' Is the cars' crimson paint redder than the blood of every other worshiper?" The God invite-only car show wasn't limited to the Western Wall. The 20 Ferraris, including a 1986 Testarossa, '76 308 GTB, and present day models like the F12 Berlinetta, participated in a cross-country road trip, starting in the port of Haifa up north, then headed south to Jerusalem and Masada.

The journey ended at a new race track near Arad, which isn't far from the Dead Sea. Hopefully God will forgive these proud Ferrari owners. If not, the ancient city of Sodom and Gomorrah supposedly isn't too far away. Photos courtesy of Ofir Gonen/Ynet News and Auto Italia.

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