Ferrari Avoids Crash on Wet Track

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Skill is a big part of the equation when driving a high-performance supercar. Luck has a lot to do with it, too.

If you're going to drive a Ferrari and plan on trying to wrest the best out of it, you're best advised doing so on a track, because we've seen far too many inexperienced drivers crash their new supercars on public streets while trying to push the limits. That's what one driver in Holland did recently, but found that even within the confines of a closed circuit, things can still take a turn for the unexpected. Especially when trying to channel 400 horsepower from a mid-mounted engine through the rear wheels in the rain.

While driving a Ferrari 360 Modena at the Zandvoort track that once hosted the Dutch Grand Prix, the driver put a wheel off, sending his car spinning out. After finding out why they called it the 360, he somehow managed to avoid contact with the barrier, put the car back in gear and was on his merry way, no harm done.

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