Ferrari Bringing 458 Scuderia to Frankfurt

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With orders already placed, it seems inconceivable the hardcore 458 won't be unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Ferrari has enjoyed unveiling new models at Frankfurt, especially V8s. In 2007 it revealed the F430 Scuderia, in 2009 the 458 Italia, and in 2011 the 458 Spider. So, while this isn't the first time we've heard this rumor, as the Frankfurt Motor Show draws ever nearer it seems more than likely Ferrari will be arriving with a hardcore variant of the 458 Spider. Monte Carlo has been a moniker banded about to replace the Scuderia badge last seen on the F430. However we've yet to receive official comment either way.

Whatever it's called, the pumped-up 458 will come with more aerodynamically-focused styling with larger air intakes and wider air vents to get more air to the more powerful V8. The 4.5-liter unit will be tuned to deliver over 600 horsepower courtesy of a ECU remap and upgraded exhaust, and this will be combined with a considerable drop in weight. The F430 Sucderia was 100 kg lighter than stock so expect at least that with the 458.

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