Ferrari Brought Its First Prancing Horse-Badged Car Ever To Goodwood

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One way to celebrate a 70th anniversary.

It was the Ferrari 125 S that was the first of Enzo Ferrari's many creations to wear the now iconic Prancing Horse badge. At the same time, 1947, it was the first vehicle to bear the name Ferrari. As part of its 70th anniversary celebrations, Ferrari not only brought a full display of its 2017 current lineup, but also the 125 S, which also took to the famed hillclimb alongside the very limited edition LaFerrari Aperta.

The pair also led a Ferrari-only parade consisting of 70 cars, consisting of both road and race cars, some of which included championship winning single seaters. The 125 S was really quite something back in its day, thanks to its steel tube-frame chassis, double wishbone suspension and hydraulic power front and rear drum brakes. Power came courtesy of a 1.5-liter V12 (yes, for real) with 118 hp, and paired to a five-speed manual gearbox. Only two such examples were ever built, and both were later dismantled for their parts, but one was later restored (which become a whole other debate entirely). In any case, looking at Ferrari's oldest and newest side-by-side is not something we're going to see often.

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