Ferrari Building Even Faster Piece Of Unobtanium And We Want One

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Well, only if enough billionaires open their checkbooks.

A new report has surfaced suggesting that Ferrari is very interested in developing an even faster version of its already ridiculously fast FXXK. Top Gear sat down with Ferrari commercial director Enrico Galliera in order to find out all the juicy details. According to Galliera, the final deliveries of the current crop of FXXK's are almost completed. This means that very soon the team will have time to work on improvements to the platform. Whether that will actually play out, however, is yet to be seen according to Galliera.

The team will certainly work on seeing how to improve the car, that much is certain. Galliera was quick to note that the only way a faster version of the FXXK would be produced is if the team found a way to make the car significantly quicker. A lot of that also has to do with the ability to find buyers for the additional units they would produce. Although, considering the strength of the FXX program as a whole, we doubt that would be much of an issue. In fact, Galliera says that whenever they release a new model, all of his existing clients clamor to get their hands on one. I mean why not, anything with a FXX badge is going to be cool and loud as hell. And if you ever wanted to sell your car, apparently you can get ludicrous amounts of money for it. Sign me up.

The FXXK program is alive and well at Ferrari and will likely only continue to grow in the future if the interview with Galliera is anything to go by. And while we hope there will be a faster FXXK in the future, we can only wait and see at this point.

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