Ferrari Building One-Off SP Arya

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Cheerag Arya of Dubai has commissioned a custom supercar from Maranello.

Ferrari has just announced a new one-off model currently in the works at its headquarters in Maranello. Commissioned by Dubai-based businessman Cheerag Arya, the new model, dubbed the SP Arya comes, on the heels of Eric Clapton's custom build earlier this year and represents the fifth one-off model from the Italian marque's Special Projects group. India-born Arya already owns a 430 Scuderia, 599XX, F40 and SA Aperta, so it only made sense that his next purchase would be even more exclusive than those already in his garage.

First announced in Ferrari's official magazine, the SP Arya is based on the 599 GTO and incorporates elements from 12 concept sketches with a hint of the new F12berlinetta. "I told the designers what I wanted and they presented me with a total of 12 designs. I then picked the bits from each that I liked until we got an idea of the car I had in mind. A bit like a wish list," says Arya. "It's not a recreation of a previous model. The car has a bit of everything in it, both old school and new. Once it's done, I'll keep it in Dubai, but will take it to Europe every summer. I won't be showing it to the world, as it's a personal thing to me."

Cheerag Arya has already approved a clay model of his unique design and it is currently in the works at the Italian automaker's factory. The SP Arya is expected to be completed sometime next year. We're looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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