Ferrari Building "Unbeatable Structure" For 2012


Ferrari will be changing the focus to be more competetive for the 2012 season.

Ferrari is giving it their all this weekend on their home turf, and they have said that they will do the same in Singapore, but after that the Formula 1 team will be shifting their focus to preparing for the 2012 season. Team principal Stefano Domenicali told La Repubblica "We are laying the groundwork for an unbeatable structure". Ferrari does not want a repeat of this season, where the once-dominant team has won only one race thus far.

Domenicali will be working to get Maranello ready for the first race of 2012 in Australia, noting that Fernando Alonso is fully behind the plans. Alonso was quick to say that there is never a sure thing in F1, but the two-time world champion does think that Ferrari can be better contenders, and he has signed on with the team through 2016. As surprising as it may be to hear that Ferrari won't be giving the season their all, their championship hopes are over anyway, so they might as well do next season right.

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