Ferrari Car Thief Gets Caught After Leaving Dealer Window Sticker On

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After being pulled over, he told the cops it belonged to a friend.

Car thieves often have a habit of making elementary mistakes and forgetting to cover their tracks. Like, for example, leaving the window sticker on the car you just stole from a dealership. That's exactly what happened in a recent car theft in Florida when a 26-year old Uber driver stole a $240,000 Ferrari California T still with the dealership sticker on the window. WFTV reports that police spotted the black Ferrari driving "suspiciously" slowly next to a Corvette on the highway.

A quick scan of the license plate confirmed that the supercar had been reported stolen by Ferrari of Palm Beach County last month. After being pulled over, the driver, Hilburn Jay Brendon Hunkins, told officers that the stolen Ferrari belonged to a friend, but was unable to back the story up with a name or phone number. Hunkins then asked if he could use his cellphone and tried to erase its contents before it could be handed in. He was swiftly arrested for felony grand theft and is being held without bond at the Alachua County Jail. The best part of this story, though, is the tongue in cheek message the Gainesville Police Department posted on Facebook about the theft.

Not only do they mock the clumsy car thief's incompetence and give him some friendly advice, they couldn't resist a dig at the Ferrari's fuel economy. " PRO TIP: 1. Don't steal stuff. It's just not nice. 2. Certainly don't steal a $250,000 2017 Ferrari California. 2a. Especially when the window sticker is still on it. 3. If you ARE going to steal a $250,000 Ferrari...with the window sticker still on it...DON'T drive next to a Gainesville/Alachua County Drug Task Force vehicle with a License Plate Reader. 4. The '18MPG' is incorrect. We were only able to get 10 mpg out of it when we drove it to the station. 5. #4 is a joke. We had it safely towed for the rightful owner." Wise words.


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