Ferrari CascoRosso is a 250 GTO Inspired F12 Successor

Designer goes back fifty years for inspiration for the F12 Berlinetta's future replacement.

Design student Dejan Hristov has followed up his breathtaking BMW Rapp Concept with his personal interpretation of the F12 Berlinetta successor. Inspired by the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, the CascoRosso is the designer's vision of Ferrari's next V12 two-seater powered by a front-engine hybrid powerplant with the battery placed behind the cabin for better weight distribution.

Replacing the wing mirrors are cameras integrated into the concept's body that generate both side- and rear-views images on the cabin's display screen. As well as improving the car's aerodynamic, it also eliminates the need for a rear window. Other nice touches include a roof-mounted scoop, large diffuser, quad pipes and headlights hidden behind a shutter that opens when the lights are switched on.

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