Ferrari Celebrates 70th Birthday With 350 Epic Custom Models


None of which you can have.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, if automakers were stereotypical high school students, Ferrari would be the popular jock due to its athleticism and popularity. That being said, Ferrari also relishes in making anyone not cool (rich) enough feel like outsiders, and that was just outlined earlier with the release of the already sold out LaFerrari Aperta. We’ll cool it on the automaker though because it is after all, when the calendar flips to 2017, Ferrari is celebrating its 70th birthday.

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Stroking its ego even further is a new line of special edition Ferraris being released to celebrate the event, and as expected, you can’t get your hands on one unless you’ve already called dibs. The production run splits 70 different configurations created by Tailor Made atelier, each based off of iconic Ferrari liveries from the brand’s history, across all five models in its lineup for a total of 350 cars. Each particular livery will be unique to that model, so that no two of these Ferraris will be alike. For example, the “Green Jewel” outfit seen on the 488 GTB Spider is unique to that car. The only way it will be available again is on the Ferrari F12berlinetta, the California T, and the rest of the lineup, but no other 488 Spider will carry the same scheme.

Making things even more exclusive are special commemorative badges inside that help justify the unannounced price premiums on these special models. To showcase the anniversary Ferrari packages, it brought four of the five cars (the white 488 didn't make it) to the 2016 Paris Auto Show. There’s the Green Jewel we see here, which recalls the 365 P2 driven by the David Piper racing team, a blue F12berlinetta commemorating Sterling Moss’ 250 GT Berlinetta, a 488 GTB called The Schumacher to remember…well, you know, and finally a California T inspired by Steve McQueen’s 250 GT Berlinetta lusso. Most look wonderful, we’re sure all are wonderful, and all are sold out. Happy birthday Ferrari.