Ferrari Celebrates Enzo Ferrari's 120th Birthday With Cars He Personally Drove

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Welcome to the Ferrari Museum's latest exhibit.

Enzo Ferrari would have turned 120 last February if he were alive. Hey, it's possible he could still be around. The oldest person whose age has been verified was a 122 year-old French woman who died in 1997. And because Ferrari is big into anniversaries, it's celebrating the anniversary of its founder's birth with two new exhibits at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy, called "Driven by Enzo" and "Passion and Legend."

The former is a display of many of the four-seat vehicles personally driven by "il Commendatore." Believe it or not, Ferrari the man preferred four-seat vehicles as his daily drivers because, lo and behold, they were more comfortable.

He also believed four-seat cars should be fun to drive, hence choices like the 1960 250 GT 2+2, 400 GTi, the 412, and a 456 GT. The latter he personally approved in 1988 shortly before his death. Funnily enough, Ferrari did employ a chauffeur in 1969, but the guy was really more of a travel companion and passenger. Ferrari simply enjoyed good conversation. The second exhibit focuses on the story of Enzo Ferrari himself and his company, featuring a display seven decades in the making. For example, the first Ferrari built mostly for road use, the 166 Inter from 1948, is showcased.

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Other iconic and important Ferraris include the 1956 250 GT Berlinetta "Tdf", the Dino 246, and ultimately wraps up with the F12tdf and 812 Superfast. While Ferrari himself was all about racing, he only turned to building road cars in order to fund his passion but, as a result, created an automotive empire. Come experience seven decades of some of the greatest Ferrari 2+2s at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello beginning now through next May.


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