Ferrari CEO Tells The World What He Thinks About An All-Electric Ferrari


McLaren might go full electric, so will Ferrari follow?

Ferrari is an original gangster of a company because just like an OG wont snitch, Ferrari wont cave into the pressure to make an electric car. While the rest of the industry is looking into EVs, Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne said that an all-electric Ferrari would be "an obscene concept." This might have something to do with the fact that when Marchionne drove a Tesla Model S, he famously mentioned how unhappy he was with the lack of an engine note.


Then again, this is coming from a man who tends to get mad about a lot of car-related matters. This move sounds right for a company whose founder once said that he doesn't build cars, just engines with wheels attached to them. After all, it is pretty hard to imagine thrashing a Ferrari and not hearing anything but the air conditioner. However this reaction isn't shared by every automaker. McLaren has recently announced that they will be investing heavily into research and development of electric drivetrains. It will take years to know if Ferrari's abstinence from all-electric cars will help or hurt the company, but if electric cars start beating gasoline-powered car's lap times, you can be sure that Ferrari would follow.

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