Ferrari Concept Celeritas is Attracting Attention

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This Ferrari concept is sure to evoke mixed reactions from car fans.

Design student Aldo Schurmann has come up with an audacious study of style that has a hint of the Ferrari 250 TR 57 about it, albeit with a futuristic and streamlined twist. Dubbed the Ferrari Celeritas concept, it seems unlikely this fantastical design will ever become a reality but nonetheless it has a shameless appeal we felt compelled to share. Latin for 'swiftness', the Celeritas bears all the hallmarks of the Scuderia but with a bastardization that will leave the purists shaking their heads in dismay.

The sweeping wheel arches reach the height of the driver, whilst shark skin features on the exterior are meant to enhance aerodynamics. At the rear, a visible engine block is joined by two large spoilers that move independently to adjust the level of down force. Whether you think this amateur designer has delivered something special or that this Prancing Horse should be put out to pasture before it reaches production, you can't argue that his vision is unique.

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