Ferrari Confirms It's Done With Manuals Forever: Try To Act Shocked

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File this one under "expected."

Supercar companies are moving away from manuals because no one is buying them. Lamborghini doesn't use them. McLaren doesn't use them. Porsche still offers manuals on its 911s but the 918 Spyder didn't have one and neither will its successor. Ferrari hasn't offered a manual for quite some time now, and in an interview with Australia's Drive the automaker confirmed that it would never do so again. Speaking at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Ferrari's CTO Michael Hugo Leiters firmly slammed the door shut on any new shift-it-yourself Ferrari.

Ferrari is design, performance and state of the art technologies. Our double clutch gearbox is state of the art performance. There's no manual transmission that can beat this performance and therefore we have decided to stay with the double clutch we use," Leiters said. DCTs perform much better than manual transmissions because today's technology is simply better than the best human driver on the planet. But there's another reason why Ferrari is officially moving away from the manual. It's a financial one, as you might have expected. The original California was the last model to offer a manual, and Ferrari's marketing chief, Nicola Boari, estimated that only three to five cars were ever bought with a gated stick.

It's nice that Ferrari finally officially announced the death of the manual-at least as it relates to the cars it builds-but the news is less than shocking. Really, when is the last time you thought of one of Maranello's cars and a gated manual came to mind? If anything this announcement should create only one real bit of news, and that's the effect it will have on the used car market. Rare manual models have recently begun to sell for crazy amounts, such as this California which was auctioned off earlier in the year for $435,000. This official announcement instantly makes any Ferrari, especially newer models, with a manual transmission more valuable. Just how much more valuable remains to be seen.

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