Ferrari Could Ramp Up Production By Over 20 Percent In The Coming Years


Without the aid of an SUV, of course.

A short while back I wrote that Lamborghini and Ferrari were on a sales collision course. It turns out I was wrong because Ferrari is planning to seriously ramp up production. The sales goal for 2015 is 7,700 cars and for 2019 the goal is 9,000. According to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) CEO Sergio Marchionne, who spoke to reporters at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, that 2019 number could be exceeded as well. "We need to get there and try to determine whether the market can handle more than 9,000," he said.

Yes, Ferrari makes great cars but its branding is also on point and its sales cap plays a big part in that. Ferrari has a wider lineup than say, Lamborghini, but its sales cap means you don't see a ton of Prancing Horses running down the road. So, why is Marchionne looking to put more Ferraris on the road? Remember that Ferrari was spun off from FCA a few months ago and is now its own entity. FCA owns the majority of Ferrari stock which is why its CEO can still pull the strings. Ferrari already makes good money with its current sales cap, but now that it's all alone it'll need to show growth and please shareholders, and that comes from moving more units. Basically, expect to see more Ferraris on the road and perhaps some new models introduced.

We know an SUV isn't happening but an entry level model like a new Dino could do the trick. The current entry level California T checks in at about $200,000. Lamborghini's cheapest Huracan, the newly introduced LP 580-2, checks in around that price. Do we have to spell it out for you?

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