Ferrari Creates FF Czech Edition

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Special edition GT comes in a rare shade of Rosso Dino and fitted with custom Daytona bucket seats.

Ferrari's Tailor Made Personalization Program was commissioned to create another one-off FF by Prague dealership SF Motors, which dubbed its bespoke super sporting brake the Czech Edition. No performance modifications have been made, with upgrades limited to exterior aesthetics and interior gadgets. The FF Czech Edition received a special orangish red shade called Rosso Dino, along with a matte black roof and carbon-fiber trim. Inside the AWD four-seat grand tourer has been fitted with Daytona seats and a high-end JBL sound system.

It also comes with a set of Ferrari's very own headphones, a passenger display and a plaque saying "Specially made for Czech" bookended by the Prancing Horse logo and the Czech national flag. We imagine the 2013 Ferrari FF Czech Edition is destined for a local buyer who will have to stump up 295,000 Euros to take the one-off back home.

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